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Buy Back Black Debt with Me

Generational wealth, white privilege and amateur watercolor painting… In this season of quarantine and heightened awareness of systemic racism in America – you know why – because the police keep getting filmed killing Black people. I am working to understand Read More

Quiet down and listen up

White people- let’s quiet down and listen up, learn, donate and amplify Black voices. It’s uncomfortable and its our turn to sit with it. I’m doing homework instead of marketing these days and I’m supporting the following groups and the Read More

2018 – Fishkin Political Graphics in Review

american political graphics

What a year for politics to inspire outrage that inspires graphics. A look back on the heartbreak and fury that led to some real game-upping over here. I created this graphic for my daughter and I for the Women’s March. Read More

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Bribing for Your Vote (a gift)

get out the vote, free sticker, great design

I want you to vote on November 6th! I’ll send a free sticker to motivate you or a friend, (ok, its a bribe – just vote). Every election I can remember has been the-most-important-election-of-our-lives. The upcoming midterm election is somehow the Read More

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We Call BS – free postcard download

Its past time for gun control, our children should be safe in school and movie theaters and church and so should we. Grab this free download and write to your representatives, enough is enough. Click to download  Please share, and Read More

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