Burning Man Survival Guide 2022


• Print design
• Event branding
• Brochure design

The Burning Man Survival Guide is packed with 20 pages of crucial information that attendees needs to prevent catastrophes to themselves, and the event. The design has to motivate participants to read, learn, become responsible citizens of Black Rock City, and spread this information to their communities. Putting something surprising, attractive, and informative into the hands of attendees when excitement and planning are at their peak, is a powerfully effective way to get the community informed. My inspiration for 2022’s guide comes from dreams I have before the event – altered realities where Burning Man exists in improbable places. I created layered landscapes populated with creatures out of place to reflect the dreamy disorientation and unpredictable existence in Black Rock City. Improbable juxtapositions create an out of time, and timeless feel. The clouds, sky, and water imagery reflects my experience of navigating the world through the fog of my own neurodiversity. The finished guide is a message of hope for emergence and whimsey and reflects my own well-wishes for the impossible possibility of what’s to come.

Arin has been working with us for 10 years at Burning Man Project for the production of the Survival Guide, one of our most beloved enculturation materials read by all members of our community. We keep coming back to work with Arin because of her creativity, her commitment to our community and our product, and her professionalism. She is a delight to collaborate with, and we look forward to working with her in the future.
- Leslie Moyer
Ticketing | Black Rock City Communications Manager

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