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Wearable device package and logo design for Onyx by OnBeep

So proud to announce the launch of a project I worked on this summer, and had to keep quiet about until today. Don’t let it be said that I can’t keep a secret. Onyx is a wearable device that connects groups Read More

Halo Trust Annual Report design

Halo Trust Annual Report

THE CHALLENGE: With an international story to tell, the challenge for Halo Trust was finding a structure for their annual report. In order to show the challenges overcome and dramatic successes, we needed to winnow down the volume of information from so many countries, into a compelling story for donors and political allies in the removal of landlines from war torn areas.

THE SOLUTION: I proposed dividing the content into a story arc that clarified A. The Challenges, B. The Solution and C. The Impact. We featured a different country for each chapter, and a personal profile from each country to make a real connection with supporters while telling this broad and complex story.

Onyx by Orion package design

Package and logo design for Onyx by Orion

A San Francisco based startup Orion created Onyx, a wearable communication device for group collaborations. The logo represents numerous elements coming together to make a beautiful whole. The faceted design was printed with a spot varnish, to convey the elegance and simplicity of collaborations with Onyx.

Building Wise website

BuildingWise Website Design

BuildingWise leads the field – guiding the transformation of existing commercial structures into buildings that are more energy-efficient, environmentally sound and profitable.

The site conveys the experience and leadership of BuildingWise, using specific portfolio examples to highlight challenges solved, and quantifying the successes with infographic-like content on images of the individual buildings.

Alaska Wilderness League website

Web design for environmental nonprofit Alaska Wilderness League

Alaska Wilderness League

The League is the only environmental group dedicated solely to Alaska’s wilderness.  Like many nonprofits, they have so much information to share and needed to distill that information in a way that it would engage supports. My solution was to convert text content into infographic-like facts bars, moving away from text heavy pages and delivering the information in a fun and engaging way.

My Burning Man Metropolis poster on New Girl

An amusing/insightful conversation on Reddit about my Burning Man 2010 Metropolis poster: Anyone else catch this Burning Man easter egg on New Girl Season 3? ( ______ This poster has been on their wall all three seasons, it’s not new. ______ Read More