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Feel Good Movies

What to watch when the world is on fire? Recommendations from my community, leaving here so I can find them when needed – in no particular order… Mr Wonderful Ferris Bueller Weird Science Some Kind of Wonderful Princess Bride Singing Read More

Trumpocalypse – Free Resistance Images

punch nazis, fight fascists graphics

Resistance Graphics – all free to download When I’m too distracted by the news these days to get work done, I procrastinate making graphics to share my mood about the current administration. Procrastinanger. Pissed off Procrastcreate. If you’d like to support Read More

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Resistance Calendar

Resist - New Years Eve

How to handle the holidays under a Trump regime? Here’s a handy reminder. First week of January – First week of Feb… New Year’s Day, January 1 – Your New Year’s resolution = Resist Martin Luther King Jr Day, January Read More

No Civility, No Service signs.

Scroll down for free download. Some friends shared the image below with me, purported to be an official BART sign, but much more likely to be the work of an insightful prankster (hats off to you whoever you are). They asked Read More

I’m With Nasty

Im with nasty graphic design

The presidential election has completely taken over my year. In early 2016 I started a design project to experiment with typography of naughty silly words called The Weekly Slam. When the election, and some personal stuff started going sideways, I Read More

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The Weekly Slam

I started the Weekly Slam in spring 2016 with big plans last year to do one a week. The American political nightmare compelled me to switch gears. Well, I haven’t saved democracy, but I have a bunch of these still bubbling Read More

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Meet my design deputy

dreamy winter light and my design deputy

I couldn’t resist this shot of my design deputy in this dreamy winter light. Her support is mostly non-technical, but she’s a great muse.

Starting/Ending the year off right.

Fundraising design for non profits

The first work day of the year is starting on a high note over here at Fishkin World Headquarters. I do miss my pajama days, but this text from my non-profit client, Berkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP) makes it Read More

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Do I Need a New Website for 2016?

Infographic - flowchart "Do I need a new website in 2016?"

(click to enlarge) One minute you’re shaking sand out of your swimsuit, the next minute you’re wondering who is still even making jokes about fruitcake, much less buying it. That’s right, it’s that time of year again. Enter the panic. Read More

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Branding Case Study: Charlie’s Corner

Branding design case study for Charlie's Corner

Background Charlie’s Corner is a children’s literacy program in San Francisco’s Noe Valley – a bookstore, reading hour, and classes all aimed at the mission of encouraging love of reading from a young age. Charlie’s Corner approached me as they Read More

Feeling typographic today.

typographic lettering t-shirt from house industries

Feeling typographic today. Proudly wearing my #houseindustries #ampersand tshirt. #lettering #font #typography

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What’s the Difference Between Good Looking and Good Design?

What’s the difference between good looking and good design? Knowing the answer to that question should help you find the right designer for any project. You’re on the internet all day – or at least more than you want to be. There are Read More

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Instagram: Show and Tell Tuesday: the Burning Man Survival Guide

Burning Man Survival Guide periodical design

Show and Tell Tuesday: the Burning Man Survival Guide, my favorite and most challenging piece of the year. #showandtelltuesday #design #graphicdesign #print #printdesign @burningman #burningman2015

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Graphics for Drought Relief

custom design for environmental climate relief

The Climate Relief Fund asked me to create a t-shirt design to raise money to support farmers affected by the California Drought. I’m so pleased to volunteer for this effort  – this disaster is unprecedented, and so close to home. The Climate Read More