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Pandemic Clock Designs

Retro mod lemon wall clock

We’re all finding different ways to survive the pandemic. Folks are baking, folks are drinking, I am making patterns and prints and applying them to shoes and clocks and pillows and bags. Here’s a peek at some of the latest Read More

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Buy Back Black Debt with Me

Generational wealth, white privilege and amateur watercolor painting… In this season of quarantine and heightened awareness of systemic racism in America – you know why – because the police keep getting filmed killing Black people. I am working to understand Read More

Quiet down and listen up

White people- let’s quiet down and listen up, learn, donate and amplify Black voices. It’s uncomfortable and its our turn to sit with it. I’m doing homework instead of marketing these days and I’m supporting the following groups and the Read More

Hello Color – new personal project!

2019 Burning Man Survival Guide cover

A new personal project I’m excited to share with you… Exploring color, shape and pattern isn’t new for me, but it was time to hang up my older work, try something fresh and start exploring a new visual language. There Read More

Thriving, Surviving, and Packing for Burning Man

2019 Burning Man Survival Guide cover

Fun fact: I’ve been going to Burning Man since 1997, bragging about it since 1998, and designing the Survival Guide since 2011. (Besides the guides, I’ve created calendars, this logo, and also this one.) The Survival Guide is mailed to attendees Read More

Women’s Wave Art in the Community

Designers tend to like control over their creations. Brands tend to like control over their look and voice. Designing for a movement is different, especially if its going to successfully reach lots of different kinds of people. Especially if you’re Read More

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2018 – Fishkin Political Graphics in Review

american political graphics

What a year for politics to inspire outrage that inspires graphics. A look back on the heartbreak and fury that led to some real game-upping over here. I created this graphic for my daughter and I for the Women’s March. Read More

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Design Saves Lives – Stoves for Africa edition

poster design for social good cookstove company based in Rwanda

Inyenyeri is an inspiring for-profit, social-good company that provides clean cook stoves and fuel in Rwanda. Their business model addresses issues of health, global warming, poverty and the education and independence of women and girls.They provide extremely efficient cookstoves, with free delivery, Read More

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One Pagers and Flyers

RTS infographic design and printed flyer


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Bribing for Your Vote (a gift)

get out the vote, free sticker, great design

I want you to vote on November 6th! I’ll send a free sticker to motivate you or a friend, (ok, its a bribe – just vote). Every election I can remember has been the-most-important-election-of-our-lives. The upcoming midterm election is somehow the Read More

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2018-2019 Burning Man Calendar

Burning Man design, calendar print design

New year, new calendar. Summer is over, the school year is on, and we’re at the beginning of the Jewish new year. Fall feels like a fresh start to me, more than January 1st. Burning Man agrees – the annual Read More

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We Call BS – free postcard download

Its past time for gun control, our children should be safe in school and movie theaters and church and so should we. Grab this free download and write to your representatives, enough is enough. Click to download  Please share, and Read More

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The Secret History of the Burning Man Calendar

print design, burning man, calendar

Hi there – the 2018/2019 calendar is here! 2004 – 2005, Burning Man Calendar An amazing thing happened to the semi-secret Burning Man calendar last week, it went to Washington DC and made an appearance at the United States Conference Read More

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