Welcome to Anti Social Media volume 1

To celebrate the launch of my new graphic design website, meet my anti-newsletter, a palette cleanser with nothing for sale; and unlike social media: no likes, no shame spirals, no drama, and no rabbit holes. Inspiration in your inbox with no infinite scroll.

I’ll make it inspiring, and amusing, and I’ll introduce you to new makers and artists, and remind you of some old favorites.

It’s a way for us to stay connected after a few years of isolation and very weird times.


Shoplifter Art at the Venice Biennale

Shoplifter / Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir from Iceland,  
based in New York. Site-specific installation at the Venice Biennale


Why it’s awesome? A woman artist creating otherworldly environments out of artificial hair, that’s why.  Color, texture, interactivity, play, and joy in an art space (the Biennale) whose audience is prepared to work to find meaning in intellectually challenging artworks.

From the artist: “My artwork gives people tremendous joy. I create these kind of hair caves in people’s homes for people to sit in and meditate in. They really activate the brain to produce dopamine.”

Dopamine should be the goal.

Zucchini Shoes

Zucchini Shoes from Rusia


The Russian artists Екатерина Шукшина uses natural, living materials in unexpected ways and contexts to surprise and amuse.

Find her on instagram

Embellished dress by Halpern

Studio 54 Dreams


Michael Halpern’s dress line launched in 2016, inspired by his mother’s stories of New York nightlife in the 70s – a place and time I would love to visit. 

Embellishments and exaggerated silhouettes embrace color, texture, and play – unexpected and wonderful.

London Based fashion studio Halpern

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