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Bribing for Your Vote (a gift)

design political graphics

I want you to vote on November 6th!

I’ll send a free sticker to motivate you or a friend, (ok, its a bribe – just vote).

Every election I can remember has been the-most-important-election-of-our-lives. The upcoming midterm election is somehow the Most Important of All.

Some of the issues enraging me, in no particular order:

• environmental collapse

• children in cages

• american alt-right terrorism / unlimited access to guns

• trans people being erased

• nazis are back — wtf?

• villainizing the free press

• a rapey, beer loving supreme court justice

• voter suppression / gerrymandering

• black lives NOT mattering

• affordable, quality education and loans

• daca / immigration

• giveaway of public lands to corporations

• war on women/violence against women/women’s right to choose

• destruction of afordable health care

• mass incarceration / for profit prisons

• tax cuts for billionaires and corporations

• flint, mi

• gop owned by putin

• end times



sticker graphic, I voted


sticker design, I voted

About a year ago I was kvetching to my social network that the  I Voted stickers handed out at the polls are so blah, wouldn’t it be nice if they would ask me to redesign them. A wise friend pointed out that I didn’t need permission, just make it. When this summer’s local elections came along, I designed a graphic. The stickers are finally in the studio, I’ll give them away until they’re gone. Just tell me who and where to send (form below).

If you voted by mail and didn’t get a sticker – these are for you!

If you voted in person and want a free sticker – these are for you!


get out the vote, free sticker, great design

Like to chip in a couple of bucks to help cover the cost of sticker printing/envelopes/stamps/ pizza for my envelope stuffers? How lovely! paypal a donation here.

Fill in your name and mailing address and I’ll send you some.
Include your email if you want to hear about more free stickers (for example) or free rants – emails are infrequent, entertaining and not a requirement.

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