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I’m With Nasty

Im with nasty graphic design

The presidential election has completely taken over my year.
In early 2016 I started a design project to experiment with typography of naughty silly words called The Weekly Slam. When the election, and some personal stuff started going sideways, I lost my sense of humor about the use of bad words, even with good typography – and I dropped the project.

Fast forward to the night of the last presidential debate, I woke up excited to come out of retirement and make a Weekly Slam, Nasty edition, inspired by Trump calling Hillary Clinton a nasty woman. I had these 3″ stickers made with the graphic and I’m happy to share with you.

If you’d like one, just send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
Arin Fishkin Graphic Design
766 Valencia Street, #21, San Francisco, CA 94110
and I’ll send it back with a sticker, until they run out.
Im With Nasty sticker design

Saturday morning update:
Here’s the action at my kitchen table this morning, sending Nasty stickers to 22 states. Some folks were so thoughtful and sent dollars, stamps and thanks. This project has been so much fun.stickers going out in the mail

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