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Do I Need a New Website for 2016?

Do I need a new website in 2015 flowchart infographic design

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One minute you’re shaking sand out of your swimsuit, the next minute you’re wondering who is still even making jokes about fruitcake, much less buying it.

That’s right, it’s that time of year again. Enter the panic.

It’s funny how the end of the year has the ability to put our annual to-do list in focus, with those glaring spotlights on what we should do, but inevitably put off until later….next month….next…never mind. We’ve all been there. We all are there.

Whether you’re a New Year’s resolution type person or not – we’ve all got one eye on what comes next, business and personal. Keeping up with technology and expectations for our businesses online is a flabbergasting arms race. With the countless posts and articles about the next must-have for websites, one could spend all their time self-educating, and never get anything done.

And frankly, if your list looks anything like mine, you have enough to do already.

I don’t believe my clients should have to know what the latest website bells and whistles are, I believe they should be able to focus on their business. (Unless their business is the latest website bells and whistles, but I digress…) So, in the spirit of the holidays, looking forward to what’s next, and with the hope of making all our businesses and projects as successful as possible; I created this flowchart to help simplify the process, save time, and let you spend your time on Google tracking down some crappy fruitcake.

If you’re ready to bring your site up to date and make it work harder for you, contact me today for a free call and let’s discuss!

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9 comments on “Do I Need a New Website for 2016?
  1. Catie Magee says:

    This is a fantastic infographic! Great pathways for decision-making in the very complex and tough process of deciding what to do with your site.

  2. Jamie says:

    So awesome! Makes me want to start a business so I can get a website so I can update it.

  3. Margot Duane says:

    Fab graphic! Should be widely shared.

  4. Andie Grace says:

    Is it time? It’s probably time.

  5. thenurse says:

    Masterful Mrs. Fishkin! This is a great infographic. Passing it along to hose in need.

  6. EQ says:

    I love me an infographic and this looks great. My feedback would be to consider that often people don’t know what they don’t know. I have no idea if my (brandnew) site looks dated or grows my biz. I like the extra info you offer with the “say what” on CMS, so I wonderr if there’s something there. Or maybe you can create a short form for me to fill out if I look at this and then determine that yes, maybe I do need a new site. Maybe think about what sorts of things my site should be able to do, or should include (blog? contact page that feeds to some sort of data-collecting thing, Instagram feed?), so I can ask myself some questions to help me decide if it needs sprucing? I think the idea that now pages can/should be very clean and actually not have a ton of bells and whistles is something, too? Happy to talk about this in person since I justt went through it and I’m not sure I was successfful or not.

    • Arin says:

      Hey EQ – Great point. I think this means a new infographic for folks just starting out, where this one is focused on businesses with an established presence that they may have grown out of. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Timmmii says:

    Dude, it’s time.
    Great infographic. We’re in the process of updating the Fireside Storytelling site, so this is very timely. 🙂

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