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Logo Evolution – Healthy Families

Logo Evolution – Healthy Families Happy Kids

Family therapist Atty Lennox  approached me about creating an identity to represent her shifting field of operations from California to London. She wanted to bring a fresh aesthetic and approach to a field that has a stigma in the U.K., and bring therapy services out of the shadows to change the lives of families with common struggles.

The goal is to connect  Healthy Families Happy Kids with savvy London mothers, including mental health in their focus on family, diet and exercise.

We considered symbols from nature signifying growth, optimism – acorns, pinecones and trees, rendered with on-trend style and typography that was accessible and professional.

Logo Concepts round 1

Logo Concepts round 1

Our second round softened some concepts to the first and added warmth and energy. Some typographic explorations the client was interested to see, such as hand drawn type and scripts, didn’t support the professional side of our narrative and were eliminated.


Logo Concepts round 2

The final solution uses crisp professional typography – Neutraface by House Industries with a burst or spark of energy to represent radiant optimism, and shedding light on darkness. By creating a fresh, optimistic brand mark, we define Healthy Families Happy Kids as a coaching service that is perceived as support without stigma and we’ve brought family therapy out of the shadows where it can be proudly displayed, discussed and shared.


Logo Design

Happy Families Logo

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