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Wearable device package and logo design for Onyx by OnBeep

onyx packaging

So proud to announce the launch of a project I worked on this summer, and had to keep quiet about until today. Don’t let it be said that I can’t keep a secret. Onyx is a wearable device that connects groups of people, a la walkie talkie – at the push of a button.  The logo mark tells the story of many pieces coming together to make a beautiful hole, with beautiful collaboration. The detail work on the varnish, which represents the many facets of collaboration, was a really fun challenge. Im proud and lucky to have worked with with product designer Arlen Abrams, his box design that lifts the product to you as the box opens.  Excited to see these out and about.

Onyx received a mention from George Takei on twitter today, since its a self described Star Trek communicator.